bios settings asus P7955d-e lx

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ok this server has been running for more then a year with the current configuration but due to some electricity problems (aka a snake that got roasted on a transformator in the village) did this server lose his bios settings and now for the love of god i can't get him to boot from the USB stick.....

i can if i remove 2 sata controller but then of course i don't have all my disks lol....

i tried everything i can think off but been busy now for like 15 hours and i can't get him to boot from the usb with all 16 disks installed ....

bios shows only 12 disks.... and the usb  doesn't show in these 12 disks.... only if i disable 2 onboard controllers or remove 2 sata controller physically it will show me the usb in the list :(

but when i enable the controllers again or insert the 2 removed ones then next boot the usb is missing again....

it was working and i remember i had similar problem when i set this up but i forgot what the solution was a year ago

so i was hoping if somebody knows how to solve this.....


here are the bios settings screens



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