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Can I mix Btrfs and xfs in a single Unraid array?

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I'm assuming the parity works at the block level so doesn't care about what is actually on each disk?  To that end, I could reformat one of my blank XFS disks to btrfs?



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Yes. You can mix and match at will.

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Well that's very nice.  I'm thinking BTRFS would be more suited to my Lightroom catalogues and such which are lots of small files.  Do you have any idea how I do the reformat?  Logically I should be able to format it live (or perhaps with the array stopped) and make the parity see those changes realtime, but I'm betting I'll have to do a newconfig with the newly formatted drive included? (It's existing currently as XFS, but with no data on it).

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No - the format is done live.    The steps are:

  • Stop the array
  • Click on the drive on the Main tab and change the format to the desired one
  • Start the array - the disk will now show as unmountable on the Main tab
  • The option to format unmountable disks will now be available with the disk you have just changed being the only one mentioned.  Using this option will start the formatting process.
  • When the format completes (should only take a few minutes) the disk will be mounted showing it has no files but is now in the desired format and ready for use.
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