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Include driver support for HighPoint RocketNVMe

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Please include driver support for HighPoint NVMe RAID controller cards SSD7101A-1 and SSD7120 (same driver) in UnRAID:





The driver is located here:



There is already support for RocketRAID cards from HighPoint in UnRAID included.

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We can attempt to add this driver; however, realize, if we need to update to a newer Linux kernel and the driver no longer compiles, it will be omitted.  In this case, the onus is on users of the driver to lean on the vendor to update their code.

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Okay, thank you. I understand that. This might be a stupid question, but is it actually possible for users of UnRAID to update/include drivers? Is there a manual for getting an environment with compiler, linker and kernel sources?

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Trying to build driver results in this:


If you want to correspond with highpoint to find out how to build against a generic kernel, I'll try again.  Better yet: ask them why they don't adhere to nvme spec and/or include their driver in Linux source tree.

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Thank you for your time. I'll raise a support ticket with HighPoint.

In the meantime, if I wanted to test compiling myself to sort this issue out, what would be a good Linux distribution to test it on? Slackware? And which release? Ideally something that's as close to the UnRAID distribution as possible. 

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