Please help with AMD build: 2700 + X570


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Hopefully someone can help...


I am planning to replace my old unraid server (a few dockers, but mainly a file server) and was about to pull the trigger with an i9 9900k.

The goal is to have a Win 10 VM for gaming and photo editing, and dockers for the usual stuff, plus emby server, tv server, and maybe in the near future pfsense.


Then I saw the new Ryzen 3900, which seems to outperform the i9 at the same price (plus the latest security concerns around the intel chips) and started investigating on it.

I read that the Ryzen 3000 series don’t work yet with GPU passthrough in unraid, but don't want to drop the 3900, so I thought of starting with a X570 and a Ryzen 2700, so I can upgrade to 3900 in the future.


Will the 2700 and X570 work for GPU passthrough?

Anyone has successfully built this?

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Actually i didn't, I thought of jumping straight away to the 3900 after reading somewhere that issues were fixed.

Then 3900 ran out of stock and decided to wait for the 3950x.

I have the x570 taichi awaiting for the 3950x to arrive. I bought it last week on presale, let's wait and see when it comes.

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