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Hp z820 and Unraid

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Hello, I am new to the UnRaid scene but want to get started with it.  I need something to replace my aging windows home server.  I was thinking of buying a used HP z820 workstation with a Xeon e5-2670 processor for it with the plans of using VMware on it in the future. I can get it for a great price but not sure if I will have problems using both software packages on it.


Does anyone have any experience with a z820 and these programs?  Any suggestions or comments are greatly welcomed


Thank you.


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The hardware should be fine, you may want to check how many on board SATA ports there are for drives; if memory serves, I don't think these towers have room for more than 2 hard drives and one or two SSD's so you may want to look at a different solution if you want more storage density.

Are you planning on running unRAID in VMware? If so, there are people on here who have done that and would be better able to answer your questions then I would.

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Not exactly what you have but I run UnRAID on my HP Z220 without any issues. I have 2 x SSD’s and 6 x HDD’s and a LSI 9211-8i humming right along on 6.7.2.

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I have a z400 and z420 as well as other hp servers, and the workstations are the most straightforward in hp’s Lineup to use with unraid. 


In my signature there are some tips/tricks that can be useful for hp products. I don’t anticipate you’ll have any unknown issues.

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Thank you for all your help.  I will buy the computer.


Im sure you will see more of me in the future with questions. 😁


Thanks again.

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