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I recently went through the process of encrypting all the disks in my array. Is it typical to expect a dramatic decrease in performance? I understand that this could happen because of the extra work required but I was under the impression, and based of other Unraid experiences I found on the internet, that with sufficient CPU it should not have that great of an impact. I cannot write faster than 60MB/s, prior to encryption I was usually over 100MB/s. My server is a Dell R530 with 2x Xeon E5-2630 v3. That proc has the features that should be able to handle encryption sufficiently. I even tried messing around with disk tunables to see if I could squeeze more out of it, nothing gets it past 60.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You may have been fooled by caching. My dual Xeon 2670 with 96gb ram will show wildly different write speeds depending on ram available. The first 50-75gb is being written to the ram cache and happens at a much faster speed.

Also a write to a non array drive will happen significantly faster than an array drive where parity needs to be calculated.

Overall I can't say I notice my encrypted drives being any slower to write than my non encrypted drives. There must be some slow down but on my system it isn't noticed.

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I have 32GB of RAM and have watched the values in Netdata monitor docker, I have never seen more than 1-1.5GB being written to RAM. The big difference is when using the unbalance tool to move files between disks. Before encryption it would easily be above 80MB/s for the duration of the move, now I am lucky if it gets to 50MB/s.

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