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rSync Backup to Synology Servers

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I currently have moved everything off my old synology server. I am now trying to use it as a backup, but have had several problems.


1. I tried to use syncthing, but is painfully slow over local network

2. Tried rsync, finally got it work, but i have to enter my password

3. I tried to use sshpass, but do not have it on either unraid or synology server

4. How do i create user scripts to back up my files to secondary network storage, on some sort of schedule.


Is there a better way to do this. I just want to make network backups for some/all of my shares as needed and have them backup on a schedule without user intervention?

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35 minutes ago, mihcox said:

2. Tried rsync, finally got it work, but i have to enter my password

See this rsync backup thread for info on configuring SSH between servers with no password prompt.


I use a script to backup all my shares once a week to another unRAID server (there are some users doing it to Synology as a backup as well).


With the User Scripts plugin, it is easy to do this on whatever schedule you want via a cron job.  


At 1am every Monday my script powers on the backup server via IMPI, backs up the designated shares to the backup server, emails me the results and powers down the backup server until the next time the script runs.


It's a piece of cake and runs totally unattended with no user intervention needed.


You may struggle a bit to get your head around the unattended SSH part of it, but, once you get it working you never have to think about it again.

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I have a dell server that I’ve ran plex on for several years. I added an 8tb usb hard drive and run a batch file nightly to do aN incremental backup. Can I do something similar with this rsync? 
I’ve been in tech for 20 years and Linux is my biggest deficit. Had to maintain 1k’s of windows machine over those years, so I’m very fluent in that environment... 

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8 minutes ago, Goodboy428 said:

Can I do something similar with this rsync? 

Yes.  In fact, the script I use backs up only new/modified files to the backup server.  It DOES NOT delete anything from the backup server that has been deleted since the last backup of the source server. 


I have another script that I run manually every three or four months to cleanup deleted source files from the backup.  That usually gives me time to see if anything has been accidentally deleted which has happened twice.  I once lost a whole year of photos on the source server that I was able to recover from the backup server because of the way this is being managed.

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