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1 hour ago, Supershocker said:

This happens when I clicked the urBackup logo in the top left


you must of created an admin account with a set password, try the following to reset (untested):-


1. go to unraid web ui

2. go to docker tab

3. left click urbackup and select 'console'

4. type in the following and press return:-

urbackupsrv reset-admin-pw

5. restart container

6. attempt login to web ui


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Hi there. Have had this up and running for a couple months now, and works great. Not, I'm working through converting my dockers over to a custom network, rather then using the default bridge network. I noticed Urbackup is setup with HOST networking. Any reason I can't change it to use the custom network and manually forward the 3 ports (55413, 55414, and 55415)?

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I've had this docker running flawless for 5 months.  I haven't changed anything, but now it is giving the following error:


Raising maximum file descriptor to 65535 failed. This may cause problems with many clients. (errno=1)
Raising nice-ceiling to 35 failed. (errno=1)

Not sure what this is, or how to fix it.

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"The following directories exist with similar names, only differing by the 'case' which will play havoc with Windows / SMB access. Windows does NOT support folder names only differing by their case and strange results will happen should you attempt to manipulate the folders or files"


I use urbackup to back up three windows 10 machines. I get the above message when I run the fix common problems extended test, followed by a long list of entries like this.




The webui of urbackup lists the file backup and image back up status as "ok" on all three machines. This is probably a noob question, but will these "similar name, differing only by the"case"' effect my ability to restore one of my windows 10 machines should anything go wrong? Is it safe to ignore this error?


Most of the posts I could find about this error message on the forums are in relation to plex and media sharing.

Any advice would be much appreciated.   

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Urbackup has a mount ability for the images built-in to the web gui. However, because I get "TEST FAILED: guestmount is missing (libguestfs-tools)" that feature doesn't work. Is it safe to manually install the libguestfs-tools manually from the dockers' console, or is this something Binhex can add to the image? I also don't currently know how to install libguestfs-tools, but I'm sure it's something simple like sudo apt get libguest blah blah blah.

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On 11/26/2021 at 5:29 AM, wildfire305 said:

Urbackup has a mount ability for the images built-in to the web gui. However, because I get "TEST FAILED: guestmount is missing (libguestfs-tools)"

now included in the latest image, please pull down and give it a whirl.

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2021-12-04 17:08:28,933 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
ERROR: Image mounting failed: Loading FUSE kernel module...
modprobe: FATAL: Module fuse not found in directory /lib/modules/5.10.28-Unraid
Starting VHD background process...
Waiting for background process to become available...
Timeout while waiting for background process. Please see logfile (/var/log/urbackup-fuse.log) for error details.
UrBackup mount process returned non-zero return code

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Starting unscheduled incremental image backup of volume "D:"...
Basing image backup on last full image backup
Error retrieving last image backup. Doing full image backup instead.
Data on volume is too large for VHD files with 1.99972 TB. VHD files have a maximum size of 2040GB. Please use another image file format.
Transferred 4.19727 KB - Average speed: 3.664 KBit/s
Time taken for backing up client Main-Desktop: 9s
Backup failed

Having large files on a partition keeps it from being backed up in an image with urbackup .


The above urbackup client log suggests that the file system needs to be a different type then VHD. Based on a little research it also could be related to system being backed up to.  My Unraid array is formatted as btrfs filesystem. See the following:



https://www.urbackup.org/features.html - See limitations



urbackup supports support cow format:


XFS (with cow enabled)


winbtrfs (will be in the next 2.5.x release)



Interesting with UNRAID urbackup server doesn not show **cow** despite being formatted to btrfs.


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well im using rsync right now. but rsync is more like a copy job and not a backup. with this tool you have full backups and incrementel backups and have mor statistics and so on. why cant i just tell the tool to backup from one directory to another? why would i only backup other clients and not the server it selfe?

or is there a client docker for this and i can use that in combination?

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No, urbackup is for supporting your users with backups of their systems. I have 9 systems backing up and it has saved my bacon on a rogue windows update that caused a system not to boot. If you want to back up your server, I would suggest the duplicati docker. I use it to send encrypted backups to backblaze b2 on a daily schedule. You could also use lucky backup docker (it's a gui front-end for rsync). You can also script rsync as a cron task using the user scripts plugin to make incremental automated backups to a backup location. It's a lot more powerful than a copy utility. Using rsync, rclone, or rsnapshot with a script is much more difficult because of learning all the syntax, but at the same time much simpler than using a docker and/or gui to accomplish the same task.

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Rsync can also be made to display all the desired statuses and send reports of the completed task with the proper syntax. You can send the output of the program to another program to do whatever you desire. Admittedly, I've not used it to send reports because I haven't had the time to dig that deep into the syntax. However, whenever I need to copy a bunch of files or sync two folders (my offline backup system) it's my go to tool and probably most of us here. It's a lot more powerful than cp and mv. 

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hi, i wanted to try urbackup but is not working, client is not connecting to the server


and when i look into log i see 


Raising maximum file descriptor to 65535 failed. This may cause problems with many clients. (errno=1)
Raising nice-ceiling to 35 failed. (errno=1)
2021-12-30 15:46:34,262 INFO success: shutdown-script entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 0 seconds (startsecs)
2021-12-30 15:46:34,853 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
Backupfolder not set
2021-12-30 15:46:34,869 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
Backupfolder not set
2021-12-30 15:46:35,870 INFO success: urbackup entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)


and backup folder is set, i se it when i installed urbackup, so what is the problem ?

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