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Norco SS-500 SAS

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This isn't for an unraid setup at the moment, but I'll be making an unraid server down the road. Figured this was a good place as any to ask since a lot of my google searches were pointing me back to these forums.


I'm having issues with SAS drives in Norco SS-500 hot swap cages. I can't get the SAS drives to read through the backplane. I'm running to a MegaRAID SAS 9270-8i w/ an Int-MS-1M4S Mini-SAS to 4SATA cable. Sata drives will work, and I've verified the SAS drives are good by using a Mini-SAS to SAS fan out cable direct the the raid card. I'm not sure what cable I need to connect to the Sata ports on the back of the Norco SS-500 as the Int-MS-1M4S ones appear to not work with SAS drives.


Then I was reading a few older threads on here about how Norco hot swap bays were burning up larger drives. Was this issue ever corrected? All 4 of my Norco SS-500's were purchases 2014 and the one I have pulled out at the moment is stamped FH-MZ-3-5 2012.08.08 Ver: 1.2, currently have 8 x HGST He8 8tb  5V 800mA 12V 660mA I'm looking to use in the SS-500's. If I have to pivot to Supermicro 5 in 3's to avoid risk I will, although I'd rather save $400 if possible.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Does anybody know the best way to contact Norco support? I haven't had a response to the email I've sent them. Their FB page appears to be deactivated.


I've pulled apart one of the chassis and nothing appears burned out, only damage was a cross-threaded standoff from manufacturing. I have another SFF-8087 to 4 sata cable in the mail to try, but I don't see how that's going to solve it.

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It won't be cable problem, may be He8 ( SAS ? ) have same issue if apply 3.3v power then drive will put in disable. If you have multimeter, you may check does 3.3v at disk connector/blackplane.

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