Virtualizing unRAID on Proxmox 6.0.4

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This is my Proxmox VM 100.conf


Can i force USB boot?


boot: d
cores: 1
hostpci0: 00:17.0
ide2: local:iso/plopkexec.iso,media=cdrom,size=17M
memory: 4096
name: Unraid
net0: virtio=9E:9F:79:29:BB:98,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1
numa: 0
ostype: l26
scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci
smbios1: uuid=7b668ab1-bd57-4db2-9422-727d51ae68d2
sockets: 2
usb0: host=1-11,usb3=1
vmgenid: fd92b0f8-9183-4d1a-a5c0-25d16f5d5515



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On 9/16/2020 at 4:57 PM, jaddel said:

How did you mange to force Proxmox to usb boot at first? 


The only workaround for me to boot Unraid at the moment is, hit esc during boot and manually select usb boot.

Go into VM Boot Maintenance and you can permanently set your boot order so that it defaults to USB first. Oops I forgot that it's not permanent when set in there. 


Using plopkexec feels like the simplest way. I tested it out and it works fine with SeaBIOS in Proxmox. 

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