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Vega 10 Reset Bug fixed!!! Vega 56/64 VFIO Passthrough now possible. Kernel Fix!

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Hey guys,


everone who`s trying to passthrough a Vega 10 card to a VM will know this issue. Restarting a VM isn't possible without resetting the whole server. The card will stuck in a D3 power state until Unraid is rebootet. The early adopters of TR4 and AM4 might already know this guy from fixing some bugs which made it into the kernel and a lot of people using Unraid benefit from his work. He did it again and fixed the reset bug together with AMD for the mentioned cards.


This might be a useful information for a couple users and might also be something @limetech is interested in to implement into the next releases.




Here is a short video from him showing that it is working right now with a MacOS Mojave VM.



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We can add this patch to upcoming Unraid 6.8, however note this caveat:


From: https://gist.github.com/numinit/1bbabff521e0451e5470d740e0eb82fd#gistcomment-2973568


To include this is to promote bad behaviour on AMD's part. Not only that, this is not a fix, if your guest VM crashes or fails to shutdown, or the guest AMDGPU driver crashes (which happens often) or your physical bios posts the AMD GPU before you can post it inside your VM, this patch does nothing.


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2 hours ago, limetech said:

We can add this patch to upcoming Unraid 6.8, however note this caveat

As long as you don't break something else with this patch I think the users will benefit from it. Having a VM in a state where you always have to restart the server to use your GPU again vs. a VM where "maybe" a driver crash can lead to the same issue?! Even if it's not the final solution and only a small improvement, it's still an improvement. As an early adopter of the TR4 platform I know this feeling, every slight improvement in stability is better than none. I'am not actual sure how many people in the Unraid community are still using the vega cards but every now and then people reporting this issue in the forums. I guess there is a demand for this especially for people with MacOS VMS. Nvidia web drivers for Mojave for example are still not available and maybe never will be and AMD cards kinda the only up to date cards that work on newer MacOS VMs. I don't know if you guys have some insights on the numbers how many people using these cards on unraid but I guess there are a couple.


Btw. is there any timeline for the 6.7.3 release and more important for the 6.8? 😁

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