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DNS services

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Hi, just wanted to ask what DNS services (free) you are using and why did you choose it.

I am new to DNS and have read about opendns, opennic,etc...

But tbh don't know which should I choose.

My aim is using it in a subnet for filtering any king of rubbish.


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I use opendns myself. I used to use google, but decided that I didnt want to help them deliver tailored ads.

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I'm using Google with DNS over TLS. I'm thinking about switching to another provider but they are nowhere near as fast.

I highly suggest running Steve Gibson's benchmark tool to help you decide.



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DNScrypt docker.

piehole docker  using DNScrypt docker DNS.

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pi hole

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Hi, thx for all the input. Really interesting stuff.
The more I look into it the more info comes out.
Will definitely have a look at the test. Didn't know about it.
Yesterday I installed opendns free (no registration) and setup my router to do DNS caching and avoid any clients to change their DNS.
I did ping opendns and compare the results quickly vs pinging Google DNS. Google ones are faster but it's ok for me. But will run the test you provided.
Regarding pihole this morning read an article posted on Reddit that mentioned pihole did not have a DNS list updated as it had before. Tbh I have no idea if it is like this or not.
I started reading about DNS and since everything is new I can't really judge anything. I can't tell if opennic is trustfully, etc.....
Only thing I tested and I can speak about is blocking porn with opendns. It works! It was one of my goals. Will try further the registration option opendns offers since you can add more filtering. But will also look at pihole.
Thx for your opinions!

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Has anyone tried this new option: nextDNS?

Here is the Reddit link I wrote about:

The user Brodie7838 mentions some problems of his pihole sometimes.

Also, how can I check if my DNS ports are closed effectively by the router firewall?

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