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Now that it is possible to add your own images as case icons, I thought I'd start taking requests to make icons that match the style of the other icons.


To make a request, please consider the following:


1. I do this on my own spare time, so I will probably not give an ETA

2. I will need the case manufacturer and model name.

3. I will need a picture (preferably straight from the front)

4. If you have something custom I'll give it a shot but I can't make any promises.


For reference, these are the icons I've currently made. (some of them will appear in a later update).



Update: It may be getting a bit cumbersome to find all the icons I've added so here is an updated overview:






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Thank you! And per your request, here you go   (I'll probably get to the Supermicro and Antec tomorrow)    

Went all fill on this one, hope it fits the bill!       Sure thing!    

I just updated the first post with this, but I thought it might be useful to add it here as well:   Updated overview of all the icons added so far:

Posted Images

11 minutes ago, Whizadree said:

I dont actually use Unraid on it at the moment but is there a RaspberryPi Icon as i know a few ppl that run it on those. 

Just in case you are considering running it on that platform, it isn't recommended. USB, though allowed, often isn't a reliable connection for array or cache disks.

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5 minutes ago, trurl said:

Just in case you are considering running it on that platform, it isn't recommended. USB, though allowed, often isn't a reliable connection for array or cache disks.

Understandable but as  a micro docker for logging / statistics / home automation it should be suitable 

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3 hours ago, wgstarks said:

Well, I guess I’ll be the first to put in a request. It’s a Rosewill RSV-L4411 4U rackmount case. This one has the front cover removed for easier access.

Does these fit the bill? Included both a dark and light variant to use with either theme. Edit: the dark doesn't show but its there :P



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1 hour ago, Squid said:

Maybe I'm missing something, but last time I checked, a PI runs ARM and unRaid is x86

before this gets off topic , its running under its own vm by the looks of it , as i said personally not doing it myself i have one of these 

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On 10/7/2019 at 9:44 PM, jpowell8672 said:

Zalman MS800 Please: 



On 10/7/2019 at 7:04 PM, ramblinreck47 said:



Also, Norco 4116/4216 would be greatly appreciated!


I realised I missed that the Norco was 4U and used my 3U template, limiting myself to cram in all the bays. I Updated the original 4220 and added both the 4116 and the Zalman:



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