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Hey everyone. Newbie here. Just transferred to Unraid and I was wondering why is the icon for the Antec P101 Silent missing from Unraid 6.8.3?


I tested Unraid a few months ago for a brief time and the icon was there (it's present in the first post of this thread, too).


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you! And per your request, here you go   (I'll probably get to the Supermicro and Antec tomorrow)    

Went all fill on this one, hope it fits the bill!       Sure thing!    

I just updated the first post with this, but I thought it might be useful to add it here as well:   Updated overview of all the icons added so far:

Posted Images

Was wondering if you could add a Norco RPC-2106?  I run this unit stacked on top of a Norco-4224...


Possible to draw this double stacked configuration?



Many thanks


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On 8/2/2019 at 11:10 AM, Mex said:


Now that it is possible to add your own images as case icons, I thought I'd start taking requests to make icons that match the style of the other icons.


To make a request, please consider the following:


1. I do this on my own spare time, so I will probably not give an ETA

2. I will need the case manufacturer and model name.

3. I will need a picture (preferably straight from the front)

4. If you have something custom I'll give it a shot but I can't make any promises.


For reference, these are the icons I've currently made. (some of them will appear in a later update).



Update: It may be getting a bit cumbersome to find all the icons I've added so here is an updated overview:






Hi, could you post the full resolution pic for the Define R5? 

I could crop it out of the overview image but it has some pixilation.



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On 2/20/2021 at 11:53 PM, Justin808 said:

Hi, could you post the full resolution pic for the Define R5? 

I could crop it out of the overview image but it has some pixilation.




The Define R5 is already available in the GUI, so no need to upload a PNG for it

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I'd like an icon for the

1)Istarusa D-314 with Silverstone SST-FS204B & SST-FS303B (Case 8 )

2)Istarusa D-314 with Silverstone SST-FS305B (Case 4)

3)Istar M-140-itx



Case 8.png

case 4.png


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added pic
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I started a little something loosely based on an old 1U Cisco server I had (it's been powered off for a long time now).


It's not supposed to match either, more like a add-your-own-brand thing and I was careful not to flatten any curve that would prevent others to make it their own. :)


The little logo plaque is a symbol, edit any of them by copying its style, pasting a 2D logo of your own in its place and pasting the style on it and that's it, all of them get updated. :D Well.. the upper artboards; since unRAID is not a clustered system I didn't put much effort on the second unit.


And, I'm aware that there's no rackmount ears, I have versions with them but they don't look that good. It's the best drawing I've ever made, I promise, and I still didn't like it. I looked up some servers from big names and I noticed some of them weren't in the actual pictures either, pictures where they are supposed to be, not in servers with stealth ears--that's my excuse. Either way, it's easy to get the illusion of them by slimming/narrowing down just a little the back part without actually adding them. OCPD didn't allow me to.


If anyone cares to convert this to the more popular Adobe Illustrator format, please! The one I have is too old before the move to the rental one and I sucked at it anyway. :P

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