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I've installed python 3 using the nerd pack plugin and python itself seems to be working correctly. I've also installed pip and a few packages using info from the thread linked below. Those also seem to work fine. However when the unraid system is rebooted it loses all the installed packages and pip itself as well. Using any pip command results in not found. I have a feeling there's an easy solution but I'm still learning the ropes of unraid and can't seem to find it. Thanks for any help. 


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51 minutes ago, primeval_god said:

What are you using python for and does it need low level access to the unRAID? Depending on what you are doing it might be easier to setup your python environment in a docker container. 

Or even a VM. Docker or VM would persist across reboots, and would also be arguably safer since these would be isolated.

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I have a few python scripts monitoring some household sensors and a couple slack bots. It's all http post and simple sqlite database stuff. Vm's seem overkill but I agree might be a better solution. Still trying to figure out how to properly dockerize them to see if I like that method better. Experimenting mostly 😁

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