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slimming cache pool - balancing issue?

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Alright, so i want to remove some of the old ssd's from my cache pool. Currently it's in a sort of JBOD mode but one volume.


From reading around, i tried to balance with -dconvert=raid1 -mconvert=raid1 but it just refreshes the browser window and doesn't do anything. I narrowed the disk usage by getting some vm's off of the cache and moved to the array. I got it down to about 150 gigs. My smallest drive (that i want to remove) is only 120 gigs. I assume that trying to make a redundant raid setup for rebuilding the cache after removing wouldn't work unless the used space is less than the smallest drive, right?


If it's helpful:

Data, RAID1: total=44.00GiB, used=23.89GiB
Data, single: total=184.00GiB, used=92.25GiB
System, RAID1: total=32.00MiB, used=48.00KiB
Metadata, RAID1: total=2.00GiB, used=247.83MiB
GlobalReserve, single: total=79.28MiB, used=0.00B
No balance found on '/mnt/cache'


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lol, well, i think i messed it up by doing that while not having enough free space --- it's completely full or read only, i'm assuming completely full on that 120gb drive.. at least i made an appdata backup i guess

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Should be able to balance, don't copy/paste the balance command directly from the forum as it can insert extra characters.

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