Restore Mac from TimeMachine unRAID


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I setup TimeMachine as a Shares on my Server for my Mac Desktop and Laptop. using SMB not AFP

I recently had a system issue where my Desktop lost its drive *click*click*click* and I did a Restore via Internet which reinstalled Mountain Lion, which we all know is seriously Old. lol


I was able to find a Copy of Maverick from My laptop, but can't find anything newer. Not trying to Pirate or anything, but it just seems like Apple doesn't keep older copies of its OS online so we can leap frog up the releases to get our older machines backup to the newest release, which is really annoying. Of course the net hasn't been kind and I can't get my machine back to Sierra or High Sierra. I looked in the App Store and it told me I wasn't compatible with my Currently installed OS so I'm trying to find a Happy Medium to get back to where I was. 


Any advice from the Fellow Mac users here? I'm not a serious Mac user, but I do enjoy my two machines and I must say its been a crash course in figuring out how to get things going again seeing all my photos are sitting in a TimeMachine Backup with a newer OS/Libary that I can't reload. Lol 


I do have my Laptop so I could enable Full Resolution and move my Photo Library to a portable, but I really did like the newer versions of the MacOS on my 27-inch machine. 


I'm thinking of using a Portable drive and copy my TimeMachine backup from unRAID to it and hopefully I can restore to it, but I'm not 100% sure it'll work since I've never tried it. 

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Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to do exactly what you suggested. I took out the 1TB Spinner and put in a SSD and WOW what a world of difference in this iMac. 


One thing that rather annoyed me, but it is what it is now. I reconnected my TimeMachine to unRAID and wham erased all of my 476GB Backup. Lol

So now I'm re-downloading 26k worth of Pictures and Videos off the Cloud. *sigh*

Something told me I should of copied over my Photo Library first then connected to it, but live and learn. 😱


At least now I have a Totally clean machine and none of the Bloat that I've accumulated over the years. 

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