Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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---------------THANK YOU YO EVERYONE FOR ENTERING! The winners have been announced at the end of this thread. ---------------


August 29th, 2019 will mark the 14th anniversary of Lime Technology Inc. Much has changed from the early days but one thing has always remained constant: 

Our awesome community of Unraid users!


Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer, more helpful online community and we are constantly amazed at the excitement, positivity and all around friendliness of you all.

In celebration of all of this, we're giving away 14 limited edition server case badges! 

See here!


To enter to win a case badge, simply comment here. 

If you'd like, tell us what you enjoy most about your Unraid server, how long you've been a user, or anything else you want to share.


 It's as simple as that. 14 winners will be selected on August 30th, 2019. See the blog post for full details and pictures!


From all of us here at Lime Technology, thank you very much for joining us on this incredible journey. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more special announcements!




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I went around different operating systems for years trying to make the perfect home server. Windows was a bust. Ubuntu didnt have the right stuff i wanted. Unraid with parity and docker containers and VMs is perfect. I have used Unraid for just over a year and im super impressed with its flexability. There is no better OS

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unRAID (as when I started with it) helped me get away from the off the shelf NAS products into a much more robust environment.  Originally starting with an 8-disk rack server, I quickly added additional DAS devices for more storage...swapped hardware for more VM performance...and now host a media streaming server for 20ish daily users.  The server also runs my home LAN dockers, and my daily driver gaming VM....could have done it a million other ways, but unRAID made everything cohesive & simple!

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Going on 12 years of being a user of unraid.  I can honestly say that it has been a fun learning experience. Watching it grow from the early days to what it is today, just wow.  The bad side is I think people get tired of my love for the os.  Can never stop bragging about what it does. 

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Just started using UnRaid a couple months ago because I was looking for something more budget friendly, configurable and higher performance, than off the shelf NAS units.  It's also my first time building a PC.   I was a little sceptical if it would be simple enough for me to manage, friends said they'd tried doing similar things with Linux and decided that the effort to configure and manage everything made them go back to off the shelf solutions.  The support and encouragement I received from the UnRaid community, mostly r/UnRaid, has made the experience much easier than I was expecting.  While I was originally just looking for NAS storage with redundancy, I've since got a Plex server running and offloaded uTorrent from my iMac to UnRaid.  While I do find myself spending more time managing my server than I expected, it's because I keep finding new and exciting things I can use it for. 


Thanks to everybody who contributes to this wonderful software and it's amazing community.

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