Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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I've only been using Unraid for a couple months and I can't express how much I enjoy it.


I was in the market for a new off the shelf NAS to replace my aging WD NAS. After searching for weeks looking at overpriced devices charging me for features I would never use, my google feed showed me an article "5 Reasons Unraid is the Best Home NAS". I was instantly sold!


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I have not used unRAID yet because I am going to build my first custom NAS server soon. I plan to use unRAID as my OS of choice because it is easy to setup and has Docker intergrated (which is being removed from FreeNAS soon). 


I am moving from my Synology DS218+ due to it being quite limited and being (argubly) overpriced for the hardware that it has. I also want to experience what building a PC is like (since it's the first time I have ever done something like this). 


I have read through this thread and have seen so many people have fantastic experiences with unRAID and I hope that I will have a fantastic experience too.

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Happy birthday unRaid!


I've been a user since at least v4. I did have an affair with Storage Spaces when they came out in Windows 8, but came back to unRaid when VMs were added. (I'm one of the soldiers that bought in to Xen, all the manual configs and all the pain, only to find KVM became king!)


I've been blogging about everything unRaid enables me to do for over 7 years now. In that time (and still) the platform allows me run;

  • Whole house network attached storage (!)
  • Whole house audio system (squeezebox based)
  • Whole house PVR & media (Emby + Kodi)
  • Home Automation & IoT (Thanks Docker!)
  • Multiple Hackintosh/Windows 10 VMs
  • Multiple headless utility VMs
  • Virtual HTPCs
  • LAMP architecture to support automation as well as occasional web dev projects
  • Lots of other bits & bobs I've likely forgotten


And the bit I love - I can run all this on a single box. It's allowed me decommission any number of devices and systems. One Box To rule Them All.!


I've just rebuilt my unRaid server with a Threadripper CPU to act as a foundation for the next number of years. A limited edition case badge would be the crowning glory.;



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I’ve been using Unraid for around 6 years now.  Switched from Windows with RAID over file system and never looked back.  The simplicity and performance is fantastic.  I’ve even had the pleasure of removing from a dead drive and it couldn’t have been simpler.  Thanks to you guys and the community and happy birthday!

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Happy Unraid user of about 3 years or so, and I'm on my second build now (with build #3 in the next 12 months).

Unraid allowed me to consolidate a bunch of separate machines with separate storage into a single more easily managed system.

It also lowered the barrier to entry to technologies like virtualisation, docker and just linux in general.



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I run an unraid server with 13 disks (9 HDD + 4 SSD for cache) with Plex and basically everything else that I need (which turns out to be quite a lot). The only thing I miss is a stronger focus on security, meaning that I want an other user than root to be able to login via the webgui and I want U2F og 2FA access to secure it. I would also like a better support of running the webgui on a different (admin) subnet now that the the two first options aren’t doable (as far as I know). Moving the webgui to a different nic looks to be a bit of a hassle but doable at least.


All in all a good product. Focus more on security and I’ll be more happy, no doubt 






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After enjoying the free version for a while, I bought my first licenses 2010:




Lime Technology, LLC - Online Order


Invoice No.: 2327   Order No.: 110628526   Date: 06/16/2010



IIRC 4.7 was my first version, but I could be mistaken. Apart from some smaller hickups, mostly related to hardware (ECC vs non ECC memory comes to mind), things have gone pretty smoothly. I still can't believe how smooth and integrated everything is today, vs the old UnMenu days, loading packages in the go file :)

Ha, even found one of my early status emails:



To: root

Subject: unRaid Status OK

Sent: Jun 22, 2010 6:47 AM


Subject:unRaid Status OK

Status update for unRAID  Tower

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Status: unRaid is OK

Server Name: Tower

Server IP:

Date: Tue Jun 22 06:47:01 GMT+7 2010

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/sdf1              3912180    190948   3721232   5% /boot

/dev/sde1            312557836   1082464 311475372   1% /mnt/cache

/dev/md4             195353928     32840 195321088   1% /mnt/disk4

/dev/md2             1953454928 1378414864 575040064  71% /mnt/disk2

/dev/md3             1953454928 247557880 1705897048  13% /mnt/disk3

/dev/md1             1953454928 1471779012 481675916  76% /mnt/disk1

shfs                 6368276548 3098867060 3269409488  49% /mnt/user

shfs                 6055718712 3097784596 2957934116  52% /mnt/user0



So a whopping 6TB in /mnt/user? Today any of my disks is larger than this! :)

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I have been using Unraid for almost 4 years. At that time it was a relatively spontaneous decision (Synology vs. Unraid).
I just started with NAS functions. Now I have a firewall, media VM and many dockers (Emby, Lets Encrypt, NextCloud etc.) and everything works just fine and fast and updates always work without problems.
Thanks for your work and many more birthdays!

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I have been using unraid for over 10 years and have had a pro license for the since 2012. I have three kids in college (they are finishing up now) and it's been great to serve up their shows because they can never watch them when they are on due to studies and so forth. I have had several hard drives die on me and it's always a breeze to change them out or even upgrade when needed. I can't say enough good things about the product! Please keep up the fantastic work!

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