Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Regarding anniversaries: Later this year I will have the big 10 year anniversary with unRAID 😎. Through all these years, unRAID has always had my back. 


Just now, I'm in the process of finally leaving my old setup with unRAID running in a vSphere VM alongside other Windows VM's, and in stead let unRAID be the host. I think it will be better that way 🙂 It would for that reason be ever the more appropriate with a sticker for my server 😏


Anyway - keep up the excellent work guys - Happy Birthday!



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8 hours ago, hotstovejer said:

First off, great looking build. I would love specs, because I am planning a Threadripper build for my one box to rule them all setup. Waiting on 3rd gen TR to see if that will be worth it, or just grab a 2950. My plan sounds like yours, but mine feels like.. overkill? (Is there really such a thing if you're going to use it all in theory??)


My plan is to have 1 Windows 10 VM with passthrough to nvme drive and some AMD card, 1 Linux VM with the same setup, MS Server installs and Linux servers that don't need a video card to perform well on a SSD, then about 5 10TB drives for storage, running pfsense, plex, filezilla, and anything else I can think of.

Thanks. I plan on posting in the builds section of the forums here in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the blog post linked in my post above. Feel free to pm me if you have specific questions rather than derail this birthday thread!

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I'm a very new user to unraid. After years of just running a headless windows box, I knew there had to be a better way. UNRAID!

I've now successfully migrated my 28TB worth of storage over and have everything running much more smoothly and manageable than before. 

The subreddit and forums have been a wealth of knowledge and have made the whole thing relatively painless. 

Wishing you guys the best for another 14 years!

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Happy Birthday unraid.


Been using you 5 years and this has taught me more than my actual dead end IT infrastructure job.


Highlight was getting a replacement key when my USB broke, within the year window, in no less than 5 mins on a saturday.. I mean cmon that's proper customer service, at work we pay thousands for 4 work hour fixes and you top it all and pull this out of the bag.. the mind boggles. 


Love your product and a badge of honor would be fantastic and well appreciated.

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Happy Birthday unRaid!


Just got on this unraid train. About to purchase a license (trial ends in a few hours!). Converted my gaming rig into an unraid server.


Reason: New Ryzen provides plenty of power for VMs, wanted a Plex server, have large data pool (with ability to add more hdds in the future), VM gaming (thanks to linus' videos) 


Solution: UnRaid! Choo chooo

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3 years in and my server has become an adopted permanent member of the family. Last year on it's anniversary of conception we bought it a cake, sang it songs and put a hat on it. My friends think it's weird but it dosn't stop them accessing the services it provides. I'd call it a hobby but as it's in ear shot i fear i'd offend it's sense of self. They say you never know when it's the right time to bring another being into this world, but at the height of a 'Black Friday SSD blowout' myself and my partner felt confident it was just the right time for us.

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Been using unRAID since 2012 (at least, that's when I created my forum account). I started by migrating 2 1TB drives and a couple of smaller ones out of my overstuffed WinXP machine. Very happy to be here! I have nearly no need for storage space on any of my daily machines, but it's so hard to find drives under 1TB, so mostly they just sit there with lots of empty space...


A couple of memories of the early days of my setup:


From when there was NO WAY a WinXP box would stay up that long and:


One of my first disk config screen shots (so I could make sure I got things back in the right order).

(Yes, I'm a bit of a pack rat, why do you ask? It seems this is probably about the same time I started using Evernote, which is where those were stored...)


I'm now running two servers (one is a backup and is almost ready to be moved offsite).


Congrats and here's to another 14+ more and more pictures of Tom in Hawaiian shirts!

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