Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Started using unraid in January of 2012 when I purchased 2 pro keys after hearing about unraid worked from a co-worker.

Primarily used for media and file storage plus in the last few years have been using the docker feature for nextcloud.

Still have plans to build a second server probably for offsite backup of my current server with my 2nd pro key.

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I have been using UNRAID Since 2015 and at first my usage was a little basic, but with the videos from Space invader One my system has taken off in a whole new way, i have now replaced 2 of my other servers with UNRAID & Docker which is saving electricity and man hours. the reliability and functionality of UNRAID sets it apart from the competition .... Happy Birthday UNRAI.

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Have been a paid user for almost 9 years (2010).


The best thing I like about unRAID is that I forget it is there 😊 although I like tinkering I only need to when I want and have time and not when the server asks for help - which it doesn't !!!


Keep up the wonderful work.


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I have been a user for 3-4 years now, I think. I love how easy it is to manage docker containers, and how flexible the system is. I have used several other storage systems in the past, but I love how you can upgrade as you go with UnRAID. And you dont have to upgrade your whole array. 

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