Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Been a user since 2014 I believe. Got started with RCing 6.0. Original plan was to createna data location that could house my family's vast picture collection off my main rig. It has morphed into so much more. Virtualization, docker, etc. Own 2 licenses and recommend to all my coworkers. 

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Happy Birthday Unraid!

I started w/2 Synology NAS and after a few years, the Atom processors just weren't cutting it for what I wanted to do.  So I sold them and built 2x i7 servers, one onsite and on offsite (at my brother's house) for all of my photo & video production work.   I run a few Dockers and VMs and sometimes use the server as a secondary PC for video compression batching (to offload my workstation).

I just got back from vacation and wished I had a "travel" server while I was on the road for 2 weeks, so I just built one out repurposing an Intel NUC i5 w/16 GB RAM and 2x 1TB SSD.  Now I'll have a mini Unraid server in my hotel that can copy my work from my laptops and continuously sync back to my other 2 nodes while I'm out of the hotel room.

A friend was asking me about my servers and now it looks like I'm about to help him build one out.

Keep up the good work, and happy birthday!

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I've only been using Unraid for the past six months or so, but it has made my life considerably easier. I was a little hesitant to switch away from a regular linux distro, since it is what I'm used to (plus it's free), but I have no regrets, and will recommend it to friends in the future. Keep up the good work.

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Just found the email with my original key - Apr 26, 2010! Been running the same Atom D510 motherboard from then... until today! I literally just fired up a dual CPU Xeon processor in a Supermicro 24-bay chassis because I want to start running Docker / VMs to consolidate other servers in my house. Looking forward to a new era of rock solid stability.

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Happy Birthday Unraid !  I use my unraid since 2013 as the center of my house media and storage server and since a year, using a Win10 VM with Altaro Off-site Server as my Off-site server for backing up my clients servers! If not selected, please create more of those awesome badges and sell it as merch store stuff!

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