Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Perfect Platform for home use. Balances Fault Tolerances and scalability with anyone's cost. Between File Shares for simple filesharing, and VMs and Containers, it's great for getting performance out of hardware for home use.  Just wish I discovered it earlier...

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I used many solutions for a NAS before Unraid.  Started with freenas then moved onto Windows 10 Storage Spaces (ew) finally I landed with Unraid thanks to Linus Tech Tips. I love the VM management, docker containers, and interface to manage the server. This month will mark a full year for me and I plan to stay with Unraid and recommend it anytime some person I know wants to build their own NAS. Thanks Unraid and the Unraid community for all the work!

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Unraid has been the perfect balance of a turnkey JBOD server solution and configurability. I love that I didn't have to do anything have a dashboard, network sharing administration, and docker/vm usage -- but at the same time any time something in unraid isn't totally cutting it I can easily dive into the terminal or create a user script. Oh and of course CA has been absolutely intrumental in turning my hardware into something useful.

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I've been using Unraid for about 4 months, and I love it! For me, the best part is the install footprint in comparison to something like Windows.  I also love the Docker implementation. 


Congrats LimeTech! Here's to another 14 years!

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Happy birthday! I purchased my first license in 2015. Recently upgraded from basic to plus. 


I wasn't happy for long with my home server setups prior to unraid. I tried a little of everything in that time, too. External drives attached to routers and media players (yuck), Windows (both desktop and server), various Linux flavors, and even a low power retail NAS after becoming convinced that DIY was my problem and only a turn-key solution would do. That retail NAS ended up being the shortest lived. It only took a few weeks using unraid to realize that I had finally found the one. It was my first hands on experience with Docker containers too, and it might not be an exaggeration to say that changed my life. It's a shame I didn't come across unraid sooner, considering. Could have saved some money and a lot of headache over the years.

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I've been an unRAID user since December of 2011.  I had decided I needed a NAS and was looking into Synology and QNAP at the time.  When I decided I could probably build a more powerful NAS system myself for about the same money, unRAID became the instant front runner after a couple of weeks of research.


I run two servers myself (both of which have been through a few hardware upgrades) and have built three for friends and family.  Anyone who even hints they need a storage server, a media server, an application server or a good VM platform is going to hear all about unRAID from me.  I love its versatility and relative ease of use and maintenance.  The best thing about unRAID may well be this supportive and well-informed community!


Happy Birthday unRAID!

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Happy 14th Anniversary. I've been using unRAID for eight years now.

I currently run three unRAID setups with Pro licenses. And I have a fourth pro license that I use in a box for preclearing.


53TB unRAID1a--49TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3

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Happy birthday unraid!  6 years now and wow how much has changed.  So much more user friendly and has become the all in one system we could have only dreamt about. 


Keep up the great work...and shout out to awesome community that are so quick to provide insight and pass along their knowledge to help others. 

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I followed the NAS KILLER 1.0 (2019) tutorial, installed UNRAID, and WOW.


Having less than remedial UNIX knowledge, UNRAID (as well as the forums...I lurk HARD) has made running this amazing server possible.  Using this strictly as a Plex server, I can't wait to get into VMs, Torrents, and VPNs. 


Thank you to everyone

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Congrats to the team at Unraid, wishing you continued success for decades to come. You have an amazing product and the most helpful community of developers and users ive ever seen.  Thank you. 


My first introduction to unraid was just shy of 3 years ago. At the time i was using 3 physical systems to handle containers, vm's and storage.  When i heard that there was something out there with a UI to manage all my needs in one system i began to piece one together. It was 100% a Frankenstein'd system, but that was the beauty of Unraid. I could build the system and rebuild and change and upgrade at will, and thats what ive done over the years without fear of having to restore my data from backups. 


Keep up the amazing work!

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UnRAID has been an absolute godsend to my exploration and learning to server building. I have recommended it to any friend of mine that has considered joining my passion (or addiction) to data hoarding. Fantastic community and amazing support. 

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I've had unRAID since the end of 2016.


My favorite aspect of it, is that in those 3 years, I've been running the same installation of it, without issue. I add new drives, no problem. Switch drives, no problem. I've changed my entire CPU / RAM / Motherboard 3 times, no problem.


That damn thing just runs, and runs, and runs. I've done so much testing, creating VM's, Dockers, modifying, etc... and it keeps chugging along, letting me get my homelab kicks in, for very little time investment.

Today I run my pfSense router on it, my HASS.io automation on it, and all my downloading, plex, etc. It just keeps running.


I'm an evangelist of unRAID too. I've gotten at least 3 friends to use it. And they didn't believe it could do some of the things I said it could, like being a server and a gaming PC at the same time.


I truly love my unRAID server. Thanks for it!

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