Unraid 14th Birthday Case Badge Giveaway

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Happy Birthday Unraid!!  

You guys ROCK.  I now have a stable, extensible, server that does everything I need it to do.  


I have more disk space......   What shall I add to it?  Maybe a Wiki?  Maybe I should learn how to host my own email, I already have my .com domain.

Good by to all of my spare time.   I'm enjoying this so much.

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I am only using unraid for the last 9 months, after having problems with raspberry pi servers crashing etc and building my first real computer to use as a server. I was actually amazed at how easy the setup (including Dockers and UPS support) was, at a time where I didn't have much time to spend setting things up. 


I don't see me switching to anything else for the next 10 years plus haha

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2 years, presently running 2 servers at different locations. One has a gaming VM that I stream to my Shield in the living room. Not having to tinker with the base of the system to get things going has freed me up to try more advanced things (which then seems to lead to more capable hardware purchases!). Thrilled with the whole setup and the community behind Unraid. 

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I've been using unRaid now for about 5 years at home and helped quite a few others with a simple all-in-one home server solution.


That's it for me, be it a storage system, media server, virtual machine or docker platform it's there... and it's substantially easier than anything else for a new or seasoned user. 


Thanks for the solution that does just what I need it to, when I need it to!


...and thanks to a community that always widens that scope! :)



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I've used unraid since June 2011, the same month my twins were born. I'm not sure how I got anything done back then, but I've been really glad to have it! My favorite feature has been using it with Plex. The reason I got into unraid was to hold all my DVDs because my little kids had a tendency to scratch the disks up. I've been really pleased with the community and software ever since!

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About 5 years ago I decided to build my own server out of parts lying around. I didn't intent to actually use it, I just wanted to learn, but unraid was so easy to use that I moved all my data over and have been happy since. I'm on my 3rd build, improving the CPU and memory each time for better media codec performance. 


This month, I built a server for my friend as a birthday gift and I will have officially brought a +1 to the unraid party!

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Happy Birthday UnRaid!


I'm a fairly new user but I've already begun to help my friends and family branch into utilizing this amazing OS. I've been using unraid for a little over 3 months now and just finished building my new media/lab server. Currently I'm working on helping my father build his first UnRaid server as well; he's been in the IT world for 20+ years and never before been as impressed than by what I was able to do with the amazing help of the unraid community. Shout out to SpaceInvaderOne for saving my keester with everything!

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As luck would have it, today is my 6th anniversary - at least it was 6 years ago I received my licence key. While I’ve had a couple of issues over the years, they have been few and far between and almost always been answered quickly in the forum. And I’ve not lost a byte of data in that time!


I come for the parity, but I stay for the community!

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