SMART Errors on New HDD (Possibly)

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I have a new(ish) Seagate 8TB IronWolf HDD in my server, precleared fine, but I'm seeing some SMART numbers that I don't get on my other drives, i.e.

Raw read error rate 31460368
Seek error rate 49357490
G-sense error rate 2744
Hardware ECC recovered 31460368

The SMART extended test passes, and the hits I get searching for these counters are mixed: some sources (i.e. Wikipedia) say don't worry, the counter isn't a counter but some weird raw value; other sources (especially for read error rate) say that the drive is failing. I'm still in RMA period for this drive, so I'm really just looking for someone to pat me on the head and tell me it'll all be okay. :)


Full SMART report attached. Thanks!


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