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Upgrade to Unraid 6.7 causes windows 10 vm performance issues

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So I've been running Unraid 6.4 for quite some time without issue.

I use unraid for a variety of things - file storage, dockers, and virtual machines - one of which, a windows 10 vm, has a video card pinned to it and I use it as an HTPC for my home theater.


Today I decided to upgrade Unraid to 6.7 as I was doing some routine maintenance.   The upgrade went smoothly and I assumed all was well until later on when I tried using my HTPC to watch a movie served from the array.   The movie would occasionally freeze for several seconds and then continue, but this was quite annoying.  Trying to watch this movie on another computer in the house was fine - it was just from the windows VM that I had issue.   Unable to figure out what was wrong, I eventually tried downgrading my unraid OS back to 6.4 and sure enough now things are running well again. 


My unraid box has 32 Gb of RAM and Ive got 12 Gb allocated to the VM along with 4 threads (2 cores) the domains are cache only. 


Any thoughts?  Id like to be current with my unraid installation... Thanks!

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That issue doesnt seem like the same thing I experienced.  In my case the array was not doing anything (and I have my mover scheduled for the early morning hours) and another PC on the same network was able to stream a movie from the array without issue.  It was only the VM that had issue.


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Do you happen to use ACS Override?

I had severe lags in my VM moving from 6.5.3 to 6.6 that went away after I switched off ACS Override.

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