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How to switch from deprecated PlexMediaServer to another one?

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I just got the warning that my PlexMediaServer docker application (limetech/plex:latest) has been deprecated in favour of other Plex containers, e.g. linuxserver, binhex or the official Plex container.


1. How do I decide whoch of those to use? Are there any advantages/disadvantages choosing one over the other?

2. How do I smoothly switch from one docker application to a different one? I have a huge database already and don't want to lose the logged plays (also from shared users).

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I like the LSIO docker. Support is pretty good. I imagine the same is true for binhex though.


To switch dockers, make a note of all port mappings on your current docker, install the new docker using the same mappings and be sure to point appdata to your previous appdata folder. This should prevent the need to rebuild the data. Several people have switched from LT to LSIO recently. You can scroll through the last couple of pages here if you want more info.

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4 hours ago, Huy said:

Are there any advantages/disadvantages choosing one over the other?

If you already have other linuxserver (LSIO) dockers, then there is some advantage to using other LSIO dockers since they will have some common code base that can be shared. Similarly if you already have other binhex dockers.

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