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SSD Trim

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I have 2 SSD drives passed through my Win10 VM but for some reason my primary drive C  says "Optimization not available" and my G drive is recognized as a Hard disk instead of a SSD.


How can I fix this? All drives are setup as VirtIO drives.


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Read the FAQ here on how to enable Trim.


Also, OS drive (C) has "optimisation not available" has been an issue for quite some time. Can't remember which Update that broke it. You can still run trim from command line and it would still work, just not on the Windows optimisation app.

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Sweet! Got it working! I had switched my secondary drives from VirtIO to SCSI launched VM to install drivers. If I change my primary to SCSI my VM bootloops. I had to create a new VM and it worked!


Does it matter if I use discard='unmap'? It seems to work with or without it.

Also my drivers are all physical disks and not vdisk files so I'm not sure if that matters. 

Drives C, G and H are SSDs and my D drive is a NVME SSD.


I didn't add discard='unmap' yet.


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