Slow write speeds, server freezes when transferring


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I've been suffering from slow write speeds even when using a cache drive. For the first 10GB it maxes out the 1G connection, but after that it hovers around 30MB/s. What could be the reason? 


Also, it feels like the entire Web UI hangs as well as the Docker applications. I also can't attach diagnostics, because everything is frozen.

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Can you log in via terminal session (using, perhaps, PuTTY)?   IF so, type the the following commands:



Remove the flash drive and plug into a PC to get the file off of the drive. 


As a bit of insight,  Unraid will use available RAM to buffer writes.  This will take and store data as fast as your network connection can deliver it.   After that, the transfer will slow down to the write speed of the cache drive.  My experience was that a  HD (320GB-5400RPM) can be substantially slower than an SSD especially if there are a large number of very small files.  (File creation overhead (both SSD's and HD's) plus drive latency to get the head in position for HD's.)


But appearing to be frozen is not expected in any case...

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