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I am partially colorblind. I have difficulty with similar shades (such as more green blues, next to greens, or more blue greens next to blues.) The default Web Console color scheme makes reading the output of ls almost impossible for me:

I either have to increase the font size to a point that productivity is hindered drastically, or strain my eyes to make out the letters against that background. A high contrast option would be great. Or, even better, the option to select common themes like "Solarized" et al would be great. Perhaps even, the ability to add shell color profiles for the web console.

For now I use KiTTY when I can - and I've added a color profile to ~/.bash_profile via my previously suggested "persistent root" modification. 

Also, worth mentioning here:
Gogh has a very extensive set of friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and well-contrasting color profiles ready-to-go.

Also worth noting that currently the web terminal doesn't source ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile, and this results in the colors being "hardcoded" (source ~/.bashrc to the rescue)

Additionally, the font is hard coded. If we are fixing the web terminal to be a capable, customizable platform - this would also be high on the list of things to just do.

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I would also like to see more options in the color schemes.  The alternating line shading is difficult for me (white/almost_white or black/almost_black is not enough contrast for my eyes to follow them across the screen.)

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