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HI! I would like to keep a specific file type on the cache drive during a move operation. long story short, I am downloading a torrent that is pretty large, in fact, it is larger than my cache drive is. I have the torrent client set up to download to a directory that is only of the cache drive first and then once it is finished it will move over to a share that the mover will work on and then it is moved over tot he array. Basically, since I can't fit everything for that one torrent on my SSD cache drive at once, this method doesn't work. So I am looking for a way to keep the partially downloaded files on the cache but to allow the already completed files in this or any torrent to still move even if it has not fully finished, by this I mean *.!qB files. If I can do this, I may just stop using the 'move to this other share so the mover can move it' method I have had in place for so long.


Currently I am having to manually move the completed files over to the array and shut off the download while I am manually moving stuff, make 100% sure the file structure is correct, hope I caught all the already finished files, and restart the download. Seeding off the array is fine for me, of course, but downloading to the array partials is 100% a no no for me. I want to keep all the files I copy over full, intact, order, and on the correct drives mover would use, which is a real pain to do manually every time I get close to filling up the cache. Not to mention the IO hits downloading and seeding would have for my poor spinning rust.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!

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Mover Tuning Plugin has this feature


Also consider setting your "Finished Downloads" folder as a separate share so it can have a cache option of "Yes" and your "Downloading" folder as a separate share with it's cache option set to "Prefer"


You might have to fiddle with the template of your download client to add a share folder but it's a good idea to do it this way

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