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DataRot support.

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Hi All

I hope someone can help.

Does Unraid support Data rot.

I am sorry if someone have asked this before.

Also does Unraid support multiple drives into on share.


Thanks for the answer.





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Unraid does not include any support for repairing Bit Rot.   If you use BTRFS as the file system on a drive then this has built in support for detecting corruption.  If you use XFS then you can install the File Integrity plugin to help detect this type of issue.   In both cases it is assumed that you restore from your backups to correct such an issue.   In practise with modern hardware Bit Rot is rare and there are many other ways to corrupt data that are nothing to do with Bit Rot and are more likely to happen.


Unraid allows a share to span multiple drives as a standard feature.   The only restriction is that an individual file has to fit on a single drive (this a by-product of the fact that each Unraid drive has a discrete file system that in emergencies can be read outside the Unraid array).

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IF you are concerned about 'bit-rot', I would suggest that you make sure that you have ECC RAM in your server.  RAM errors are far more likely to be a source of 'bit-rot' than HD errors! 

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