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hello community,

I'm building my first unraid system as my qnap is dying slowly. The inspiration was the killer nas setup and budget friendly system. As I have some spare parts lying around I picked up Intel DQ67SW motherboard with i5-2400 and I've updated the RAM to 16GB. This is the base for 7x3TB WD Red HDD. Today I recived 1TB MX500 SSD to be used as a cache. All HDD are connected to motherboard and adaptec 1430SA SATA controller. Case used is nice and compact Fractal Design Define Mini and overkill 750W corsair PSU (I had no other as a spare).

Once I booted up system hanged on HDD detection, I checked and realized controller's fw was outdated. So I created bootable dos USB using Rufus and copied latest adaptec firmware as well as motherboard bios. After updates system booted up without any issue. Trial license activated and now I'm having fun. Pre-clean disk is in progres but I may need to replace parity disk cable as I received 199 smart error UDMA_CRC_Error_Count = 3 which I hope is related to cable and not the drive.

This seems to be the beginning of great adventure considering the flexibility of the unraid and great support of community applications. I belive rather sooner than later I may need to upgrade CPU to i7 as I already found so many applications to automate my media server.


PS. The support for telegram API bot is awesome.


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Gentlemen, run the MemTest. My UDMA CRC error was caused by faulty RAM module. I did not expected above should have any relation to. Memtest was running fine until 6th pass, then errors started to show. I replaced broken DIMM and all went back to normal. Meantime had to replace disk with BB I was using previously in other rig. Disk was only 35k hours, while net one which I planned to be replaced have already 80k hours and no SMART errors. Now I can just start playing around and hopefully I finish all my tests before trial expires. 



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