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Unraid Gui unreachable

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hi all,

I'm running in to a problem that the wegbui of a new Unraid install becomes unreachable (sometimes I get a Nginx 500 internal server error) 

I still can ssh into the server and the syslog still log to another Unraid instance (sea attachment)

Can someone give me a pointer to find a solution?

the tower has the ip-adress

kind regards


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You should probably post your diagnostics, as syslogs alone are seldom useful, and the diags might provide a clue to

Aug 21 08:43:55 Tower nginx: 2019/08/21 08:43:55 [alert] 2298#2298: 1024 worker_connections are not enough
Aug 21 08:43:55 Tower emhttpd: error: publish, 238: Connection reset by peer (104): read


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I think I am having a similar issue, and looking through the forums seems to be allot of similar problems, but can't find a resolution... Server randomly seems to be inaccessible via GUI with no way to shut down or restart without doing a hard reset

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