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Utilize a VPS to network remote unraid servers/shares

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I've scoured the internet with no luck or I may not know what I am looking for.   Maybe the community here can shed some light on the idea, lead me in the right direction or shut this idea down for reasons i am unaware of.  


I lease a 2 Vcore, 4 GB, 120 GB Ubuntu VPS and I have this idea that I may be able to configure a VPN host (OpenVPN) on the VPS i lease and allow a couple of us close friends around the US with unRAID servers to connect, and allow each other access to certain shares on our servers to swap files.  BTW we have also considered leasing a seed box if we can do the same or similar. 


Is this possible, pointless, or risky?  


Thanks for the feedback.     

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I am currently doing the same, (except I'm using GRE over IPSEC as my routers don't have OpenVPN UDP support) and have linked 3 sites together. Do note that the overall speed for file transfer (and the latency!) will be determined by the Unraid servers' upload speed, your download speed and the VPS upload + download. If you are not on CGNAT (as I am) it might be possible to have your routers connect to each other directly (as i did before CGNAT was implemented)

Haven't tried getting a seedbox so not sure what you can cannot run on it.

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Thanks for the response.  I am looking at a couple ways to link these different sites together.  Our thought process is that each of us will essentially be each others "Cloud" backup.  We will share our files with each other and if one of us suffers a catastrophic loss of data we can rebuild and transfer files.  

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