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Graphics card idle power usage in unraid server

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I'm curious if anyone else has any numbers on some modern GPUs when used with unraid. I've been testing this out the past couple days with my limited selection of cards. I've found a couple weird things, like my nvidia cards seem to use more power when the VM is shutdown than at the desktop. But my AMD cards seem to be at their lowest when they're unloaded, albeit not by much. Any observations are of interest.


I'm testing with a killawatt and using subtraction with different cards swapped in. The idle power is a little noisy on this system but I'm pretty confident in the read +/-1watt

This is with a gold Antec power supply.


My GT710 seems to idle at 5watt, although I'm using it as a host card so perhaps it would do better with a driver loaded.


My R7 250 DDR3 seems to idle at 6watt


My 1060 3GB seems to idle at 14watt which seems high.


Has anyone gotten zerocore on AMD to work in a satisfactory way? It didn't seem to make much difference to be versus shutting down the VM. It appears to be broken in newer drivers as well, the fan only shut down when I loaded an old 14.4 driver in Windows 7. There are forum posts indicating it doesn't even work in Windows 10.

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