Multiple Arrays

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3 hours ago, deFrezzer said:

2 for Data 2 for parity)


3 hours ago, deFrezzer said:

second mirror 1TB Array.

Your 2 parity 2 data isn't a mirror either. Just put those others in the array and your 2 parity will be more than necessary.  

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1 hour ago, -Daedalus said:


Nope. You can add any size disks you want to a pool, and unRAID will figure it out.

I personally ran a pool of 1TB + 2x500GB disks no problem.

So you lost 500GB. I talking about cache pool, not the array.

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6 hours ago, deFrezzer said:

+1 for multiple arrays


By now i have 4 3TB drives (2 for Data 2 for parity)

After the migration from my old nas i have 2 1TB Disks that i could reuse.


But unraid didnt let me do this the way i would, as a second mirror 1TB Array.


ii´m still between between unraid and truenas.  


Why not simply add the 2 x 1TB drives to the array to get 2TB extra space?    UnRaid does not require all array drives to be the same size.   You wil then have 4 data drives protected by 2 parity drives

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