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Forum open in Firefox prevents Windows 10 sleep

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I recently noticed that when I have the Unraid forum open in a tab in Firefox, my Windows 10 won't go to sleep automatically.

"powercfg.exe -requests" gives the following result:

Forum open in Firefox tab












When I close the Firefox tab with the Unraid forum, I get this and sleep works again:



When I have the Unraid forum open in a tab in Chrome, I also get the "Legacy Kernel Caller" result.

Curiously, if I right click on the tab in Chrome and select "Mute site" the "Legacy Kernel Caller" vanishes and sleep works again.

Unmuting the site returns the "Legacy Kernel Caller" and sleep won't work.

Muting or unmuting the tab in Firefox doesn't make any difference, the "Legacy Kernel Caller" stays active, preventing sleep.
Is there something keeping a connection open in Firefox to the Unraid Forums, as it's the only site I've noticed with this effect?


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I dont know if its that, but the only thing that comes to my mind is that you get notifications e.g. for answers or new pms while browsing (or lets say while you have the forum open) the forum, so there must be some sort of communication- dont know if you can disable that.

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I tried with opening Firefox with add addons disabled, and it still keeps the computer awake if the Unraid forums are open in a tab.

This is what "powercfg.exe -requests" shows when the forums are opened in Firefox:


This is when I close the forums tab:


Chrome shows only the "Legacy Kernel Caller" when the forums are open:



I have disabled all notifications in the settings in my profile, but it didn't make any difference.
I can have any other webpage or forum open, and going to sleep timeout works.

Just not when the Unraid forums are open in a browser.

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