BTRFS Cache errors about every other day

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I've reformatted, redone the docker image, everything and still getting this error?

Aug 27 23:29:08 MediaServer kernel: verify_parent_transid: 36 callbacks suppressed
Aug 27 23:29:08 MediaServer kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): parent transid verify failed on 248840192 wanted 6627 found 6614

Just a quick look at my syslog and you can see it's flooded by this error.

Is it a hardware error? Drive failing? Bad sata controller? Why is this now just coming up when everything has been working fine for 4+ years now? Any insight would be much appreciated.

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7 minutes ago, said:

Delete and recreate docker image.

I've done that multiple times. I've even gone as far as moving my appdata off the cache drive, formatting the whole cache drive clean and then creating a new docker image then moving back over only the appdata I need and then adding dockers back in from the templates. Nothing is on that cache drive but appdata and the new docker image.

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