Ryzen 3700x transcoding

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Hi Guys


Apologies if this has been asked before i did a lot of searches couldn't find the exact answer.


I' use my server mainly as an plex media server and a NAS ,upgrading from a i7 7700 to a Ryzen 3700x and just want to find out can the 3700x transcode without an reference GPU? although i will have a 1070 added in but i know i can only get 2 streams out of that and would need more out of the CPU.


The i7 7700 gives me about 5 1080 transcode steams but that uses almost all cpu power, so would like the upgrade.

CPU passmark puts the 3700x at just over 23 000 so according to plex website i should easily get 10 1080 transcoded streams? 


Any help is much appreciated

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