Migrating from 8 disc server to 5 disc server


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I am planning to migrate the data of my existing server to a HP Microserver Gen8.

The existing server has got 3TB Parity, 4 x 3TB, 2 x 750 GB and 240 GB SSD as cache drive.


The Microserver has only got space for 4 x 3.5" drives and 1 x 2.5 (Cache).


My idea was to purchase 2 x 6GB drives, 1 for Parity, 1 for data and add 2 x 3 TB drives from the old server. This way I will loose 1.5 TB but that is accounted for.


How do I do that best? By the look of things I will have to store the data temporarily outside of the servers. How do I migrate the license key or do I built a new USB stick and transfer the lisence key to the new server? Sorry if these questions have already be answered but I couldn't find any details with regards to "downsizing" as server, only the other way around......


Thanks in advance!   



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This ^


In your current server, change the parity drive to the 6TB, check parity, upgrade the fullest 3TB with the other 6TB, check parity no correct, copy the data from the 2 750GB and the least occupied remaining 3TB to the free space on the 6TB and the 2 3TB that you are keeping. Do another non correcting parity check, set a new config with the retain all option, de-select the drives you are removing, start the array and build parity with the final drive list, do another correcting parity check, transfer all active drives to new server. In the new server, do a memtest for at least 12, preferably 24 hours. Start the array in maintainance mode, and do a non correcting parity check. Assuming no errors, restart the array normally and you are done.


During the process, keep an eye on the smart status and error columns for all drives. If at ANY point you get errors or anything other than zero parity corrections, STOP. Post diagnostics if you can't figure out why you got the errors and how to deal with them.

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