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Quick command to back up all LUKS headers

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Wrote this after a potential nightmare when mounting a cache drive with an extra empty slot erased my LUKS header


Run in ssh from whichever directory you want to store the headers. Will be automatically named with model and serial numbers. Finishes in a few seconds

for i in {/dev/sd*,/dev/nvme*}; do if cryptsetup luksDump $i &>/dev/null; then dd if=$i of=`udevadm info --query=all --name=$i | sed -n 's/.*ID_SERIAL=//p'`.img bs=512 count=4096; fi; done


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Excellent idea;
I may make a script to back up superblock information as well; as that could be used to recover a lot of data in the event of multiple disk failures.
Should be fine without though.

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What would we add to have it also grab LUKS headers from unassigned disks mounted?


Correction, it seems to already do unassigned disks.  Awesome...

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