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Reassigning parity drive to data drive

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Hello everyone.  I have a scenario that I haven't be able to find an answer to through my searching here.

On my server I currently have:

1TB WD blue (Parity)

1TB WD blue (Data)

1TB WD blue (Data)

120gb WD SSD (Cache) 1 docker running

2 empty disk slots


I have a new 1TB WD Red on its way to replace the current parity drive, the old is not bad.  So what I want to do is use the old 1TB WD blue parity drive, and reassign it to a data drive, and use the new 1TB WD Red, as the new parity disc.  What procedure do I need to follow to do this properly. My apologies is this has already been asked, but I searched and couldn't find a related topic.  Thanks for any help in advance.

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1. Physically install new drive. Run long smart test on new drive.

2. Parity check with no errors, clean smart reports on all drives.

3. Tools, new config, retain all, switch drive assignments to desired locations on main GUI page, be VERY careful about assigning the new parity drive, double check the serial number. After you assign the new drive to parity, you should be able to assign the old parity to an empty data slot.

4. Start array, let parity build.

5. Parity check with no errors, clean smart reports on all drives

6. Format old parity drive by selecting checkbox that says I'm sure and hitting the format button.


If any of the parity checks don't complete with zero errors, or you have smart errors, don't continue without resolving them.


All that aside, why on earth are you dealing with such small drives? You would be much better off power consumption and risk of failure wise with just 2 drives, a pair of 4TB would give you more overall capacity and the ability to expand later. A single 4TB as parity would at least set you up for replacing one of your old 1TB with a 4TB later on when you run out of space. You have 5 slots, which with 1TB drives and single parity is 4TB total. You could have that with 2 drives and still have 3 open slots.

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Thanks johathanm.  I have small drives mostly because i have a very tight budget.  Unraid is basically just hosting Plex at the moment, and I have a small library, so not much need for more capacity at the moment.  I know I'm way under-utilizing the server, but for now thats all I have use for.  Thanks again.

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