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Docker's won't start - UnRaid Version 6.7.2

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Hi all


Since upgrading to a new (old) computer, I have had some problems.


At the moment dockers won’t start, the dockers log shows among the folowing:


1. standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused "input/output error"

2. /var/run/s6/etc/cont-init.d/30-config: line 4: /bin/mkdir: Input/output error



I don’t think it is docker specific, I suspect my HDD/SDD might be the problem? Smart test is passed on all the drives...


Anyone have an idea regarding the errors, so I can get the dockers up and running again?


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Have you attempted turning off docker, going to advanced. Delete docker image file under settings -> docker and rebuild? May need a reboot afterwards to see if that clears it. Then restore your Dockers.

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Your docker image is corrupt. Also, your system share is cache-yes and it has been moved to the array. Set it to cache-only, then go to Settings - Docker, Disable then Delete the docker image. Enable to recreate it on cache where it belongs. Use the Previous Apps feature on the Apps page and it will reinstall all your dockers just as they were.

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