Want to upgrade from an ageing HP Microserver - Which Xeon CPU and M/B

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I have an old HP Microserver with a AMD Turion II Neo N40L Dual-Core @ 1500 MHz cpu and 8gb ram, with 4 x 3tb disks. Had it for 9 or 10 years


CPU is struggling now, i have a number of dockers running, a VM running some SNMP monitoring.


Its gotta be 12 years since i last built a PC - i used to build a lot, but have next to no knowledge on todays hardware :(


Im looking (i think) to goto a 6 or 8 core XEON cpu (is the number of cores important?) - great auction site sees things like - Intel Xeon X5675 Six Core 3.06GHZ Processor SKT LGA1366 Very Fast CPU for £35 which seems worlds ahead from what i have now - is this very power hungry/any good or should i be looking at something different? 


I will be running stuff like SAB, Sonnar, Raddar, Unifi in dockers, one or 2 Linux VM's running LibreNMS or Zabbix and was hoping to run a Win 10 VM - really just to run some windows based apps as I'm mainly a mac user, so its needs to be just a basic user type win 10 machine. 


Where do i start? Id like a smallish case like a Silverstone D380, but that restricts me too motherboards sizes?


Anyway, if i can get an idea of CPU/Board/Ram, then i can move onto the other parts of the forum for SATA cards if its best not to use the motherboard ones?

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Hi Rorton,

Personally, i'm thinking X5675 is way too aged, even though it 6 cores with HT, it should be much slower that the new 6 cores i5-9400f.

Performance/price wise X5675 is better. but overall, new cpu should be better as the 1366 CPU is high power consuming and running pretty hot.

Also i don't think you will find the 1366 itx board anywhere. so it won't fit in d380 case.

Please do note that i'm just start running unraid, i'm not 100% sure that 9400f will be enough. But i think it should be....

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