Array has 5 disk with read errors


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I've recently build a new server with some brand new disks and some older SAS drives I got for cheap.
I wrote to all of them from my old server through ftp with problems or errors. 5.5TB in total.
I then tried to do a parity check and all "hell" broke those with disk read errors. I was extremely confused as to why, so I restarted the server. Tried downloading files from all of the afflicted disks. No errors. But as soon as I start the parity check I get errors for days and I have no clue why.
I hope you can help!
In advance thanks!

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5 hours ago, halfelite said:

What are the smart Stats on disk 5 and 6


Also could be a bad controller if all start failing. 

Smart Stats are included in the diagnostics file and it's all the disks, not just 5 and 6 that fail. Disk 1 (new 4TB Seagate) doesn't provide errors. 

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3 hours ago, said:

Run a long SMART test on both disks, but more likely a controller/connection/power problem

I'll run the the extended smart test, but how do I fix/test for the other?
It's a Dell Perc H200 Raid card (JBOD) and a dell r720 with the backplanes connecting to the disk themselves. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried all of the above options to no avail and then I figured. Hell might as well try to reformat the disk.
Turns out something went wrong when I last cleared and formatted the 5 900gig SAS disks and a data shuffle + reclear subsequent reformat fixed it and I now have 0 errors.
Thanks for your help though!

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