Console stoping at Inetd


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33 minutes ago, dgaschk said:

I am booting UEFI.  BIOS is set to EFI only. 

OK,  I must have missed that.  What about booting in GUI Mode?  In another thread it was reported that only GUI mode worked for that user.  The rest hung at /bzroot


That's not a long-term solution, but, it may help narrow down a cause if GUI mode works.

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14 hours ago, dgaschk said:

Default hangs at "Loading /bzroot . . .ok"

GUI Mode hangs at "Loading /bzroot-gui . . .ok"

Safe Mode hangs at "Loading /bzroot . . .ok"

GUI Safe Mode mode hangs at "Loading /bzroot-gui . . .ok"

Memtest86+ doesn't work either. It just reboots.

When I had the same problem (although I could boot in GUI mode), I posted about it in the thread linked below.  Others had the same issue.  As it turns out, most of us had the same motherboard (an ASRock C236 WSI) and, although you have a SuperMicro board, perhaps there is something in this thread that will be helpful.  When I changed over to UEFI boot mode, If anything other than the {flash drive name}:UEFI was specified in the boot order, the board would hang  at loading /bzroot...OK.  We had to set all other boot priority options to 'disabled' and, perhaps make some other BIOS tweaks.



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