Kernel Panic on 6.7.0..


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Last night my unRaid became unresponse - no webUI, no ssh, and attaching I monitor I see this Kernel Panic, attached.


Unfortunately no log; had to hard power it off and back on.  I just turned on the syslog server, so if it happens again I'll hopefully have more info...


But anyone see anything actionable in the tail end of the panic? 


But IMG_4121.thumb.JPG.b2130fdf349ff3f1f18b84b1d63a3d88.JPG

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Well, my system just frequently hang on me. I think it may be a bad CPU or memory. Reboot and it comes online again and never sure when it would disappear on me again. It’s now on 6.8.0. I will carry out the memtest to start and see where we go from there. The CPU has 6 processors and often one or two would max into red (from the dashboard) I wasn’t doing much anyway.



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Ran memtest overnight and the RAM is good. However, it crashed on me with the following screenshot.
It’s my main NAS but it crashes so often it’s become a secondary NAS. So sad. Any advice on next steps to be taken? Any test for CPU or require to change mobo?


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