X470 Ryzen 3000 and Passthrough

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4 minutes ago, david279 said:

Yes.....Or you can try this kernel.



I have tried it and just get blank screen when passing through.


I have tried passing through an RX 480 and a Nvidia Quadro 290. By try, I create a new Linux VM (ubuntu), use all the defaults. Then I tried passing through specific GPU BIOS files as well. Are there any other specific customisation or things to try? 

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And I can say that all of this successfully works. I have full GPU pass through working on this hardware:

MSI x470 Carbon running the Sep9 2019 bios update, booting in Legacy+UEFI

The patched kernel seen above.

Ryzen 3900x

Saphire rx 480 and a VBIOS file from tech powerup ending(Sapphire.RX480.8192.160921.rom), and has to be in a secondary slot, not the primary.


Never used unraid before so still working on figuring out how to architect this and get it working for my needs.


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