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Failed Drive - 2nd Parity - Drive Upgrade

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Hello Unraid Members!


I need some advice. I currently have a 16 bay 4U Server running Unraid 6.7.12.  Almost all my drives are 3TB (A few are 1TB). I recently had 1 of 3TB the drives fail. I am running 2 parity drives (Both of which are 3TB).  Recently came into a sale of 10TB Drives, and i purchased 2 of them. 


My goal would be to have 1 of 10TB drives be a parity drive (Solo Parity for now.... will upgrade more as they come on sale) and the other be a data drive. 


If i didn't have a failed drive I would...

  • Stop array
  • Shut down server
  • Take out both of the parity drives replace with one 10TB drive.
  • Power up server
  • New Config
  • Keep only data drives preserved
  • Let it rebuild the parity
  • When done put the other 10TB drive in an open slot. 

Again the failed drive part of this scares me. 


Advice on the best way to upgrade and preserve the data.




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You cannot do what I think you want unless you are going to move to only having 1 parity drive.   It is a requirement that ALL parity drives be at least as large as the largest data drive.    With dual parity you will not be able to add a 10TB data drive until both of your parity drives have been upgraded to at least this size.

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7 minutes ago, kingtony911 said:

You are correct, the goal would be to move back to a 1 parity system until i get more drives upgraded. With that being said is it possible now? 

Yes.   Simply stop the array, unassign the parity disk (presumably parity2); start the array.

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